Training Methodology

Fast Feet program curricula are curated to specifically support the unique needs of each school, team, and athlete. Practice sessions focus on our eight benchmarks, helping athletes improve endurance, biomechanics, coordination, balance, teamwork, and developing a lifelong love for running! 


Endurance Training and Aerobic Fitness

Each practice and training session will incorporate endurance training to elevate heart rates for a prolonged period of activity. Routine aerobic training will help improve fitness, regulate activity and attention levels, and increase energy. 

Biomechanics, Movement Patterns, and Coordination

Form drills and mobility exercises will work to correct imbalances, activate underused muscles, and increase range of motion. Fast Feet athletes will improve their running form, efficiency, balance and emphasize hinge patterns.



Teamwork, Passion, and Fun!

By creating a running club or track and field team, participants begin to self-identify as runners and feel pride being a member of their school's running team. Team members support each other during practices and encourage each other to do their best. Races and competitions are a celebration of our athletes' hard work and a wonderful way to bring families and communities together.