Our Vision

Add running, remove limits.


Through the sport of running, Fast Feet athletes realize their athletic potential, increase their personal fitness, and push pass limitations associated with developmental differences.  

Fast Feet offers different programming options to support and assist individuals with special needs. Running Clubs create an inclusive and supportive team environment within a school community. Athletes, coaches, and teachers all work towards a common goal of improvement with each training session. In this safe and supportive setting, athletes build their endurance, speed, and movement patterns. 

Track and Field Teams offer an athletic opportunity for all students in an academic setting. With weekly practices and races, our track teams build strong relationships through hard work, sweat, and teamwork. 

Track and field Clinics provide schools and community centers with an educational, active, and fun event focused on physical literacy and adaptive running. Single-day clinics are a perfect introduction to the sport of track and field! 

Workshops and professional development sessions provide school professionals and community members with the tools to implement their own running programs. Curriculum, sample lesson plans, and events allow for schools to take autonomy over their programming, while remaining in the Fast Feet community.


Suzie Clinchy
Founder and Executive Director