Project happy

“Suzie introduced Fast Feet NYC to the Project HAPPY participants, many of whom never had any experience with running. The Project HAPPY counselors were impressed with the ways the Fast Feet activities kept the children engaged. Suzie managed to inspire some of our most sedentary participants. People with disabilities are often susceptible to inactivity and this program offers them a kind of exercise that they would probably not typically engage in. Partnering with Fast Feet NYC was a great experience.”

-Penny Shaw, Project HAPPY Executive Director


Special olympics ny

“Special Olympics New York running programming has greatly benefited from partnering with Fast Feet NYC. Suzie is incredible at modifying running curriculum for all ability levels and working with athletes with intellectual disabilities. Our athletes love working with Suzie and their hard work and increased ability levels show at our regional track and field events.”

-Leanne Fusco, Director of Program for Special Olympics NY


Parent, afterschool programming

“Suzie has always been a bright star in after school enrichment, and I know everyone feels the same way.

Her kind and thoughtful communications and coaching style will undoubtedly carry her far in life.”

-Andrew, Parent of a Fast Feet Athlete