Workshops & Consulting

Private and small group training sessions provide individualized attention to youth athletes with autism spectrum disorder and developmental differences. In a private training setting, athletes flourish and rapidly improve their running, fitness, and athletic movements. These training sessions occur in a safe and familiar environment for each athlete and training group for optimal growth.


Workshops for schools and organizations

One-on-one sessions last 50 minutes and include an initial movement assessment. With a baseline reading, we will create long and short term goals to work towards each session. Each training  will be structured similarly to a track and field practice, with a heightened focus on proper biomechanics. As we address bodily imbalances and weaknesses, your athlete will grow to have healthier movement patterns, increased body awareness, and the confidence that comes from progression. 


In small groups of two to five athletes, we create an environment that encourages teamwork while providing athletes individualized attention. Small group training sessions are 50 minutes in length and assess the needs of each athlete while utilizing dynamic and interactive activities. Students learn cooperation and competition as they make physical and social gains.