Join us for the first annual Word League 3-on-3 Tournament!

When: Sunday, July 21st

Time: 10AM

Location: Word League Courts

Teams: Choose your own team! Teams must be coed. Each team can have a minimum of three players and a maximum of five players (subs are encouraged!). One female player must be on the court at all times.

Game Time: 15 minutes or first to 11 points (no win by two). The team with the highest score after 15 minutes advances to the next round. Sudden death free-throws if there is a tie score after 15 minutes. 

Rules of Play:

  • Coin toss to determine who gets the ball first

  • After a basket the team scored upon will receive the ball (loser’s outs)

  • Teams can dribble or pass to restart the game after a basket, however there is no shooting directly off of a checked ball

  • The ball must be cleared beyond the 3 point line on ANY change of possession

  • Call your own fouls, basket counts even if the player calls a foul while shooting (Word league rules)

  • Alternating possession on held balls

Points: 2s and 1s

Double elimination, two games guaranteed! We’ll have prizes, contests, an after-party, and pizza! Come play for an amazing cause and help support athletes with disabilities!


Enter Your Team Here!

Please provide us with information regarding your 3-on-3 team here! Filling out this form and a $60 donation to Fast Feet registers you for the tournament!

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